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Din handlevogn er tom.

An interview with Nick and Helena is now available on YouTube for everyone to see and enjoy. How did this happen and why? Read on...

At one point, Monica (my co-therapist, lifepartner and mother of my three lovely girls) suggested to Nick and Helena that they really should be more available to the world and she continued explaining our philosophy on the principle of sharing your knowledge if you want any attention and publicity. At first I suspect they really thought they had more than enough work to do, but somehow we managed to convince them that a series of interviews with them sharing their knowledge on intimate relationships with the world was a good Idea.

We decided to throw in our part and went along getting the equipment we needed: A digital video camera, a microphone and some cabling.  

Being new on the market with little or no reputation as couple therapists we had to consider ways of marketing our services. These days this is a different game than maybe as little as 10 years ago when the yellow-pages probably would be one of the obvious places to spend money on marketing.

With the internet and the social media on the rise, new areas of marketing have opened up, also for therapists.

Traditional thinking suggests that our knowledge and competency directs our market value so to speak and that this should be protected. The general consequence of this is that everything we know should not be given away freely but only shared when compensated by some other value - either directly by payment or by being able to advertise our services. 

There are however more profound changes that have happened to our customers behaviour as a consequence of the internet connecting everyone to the whole world.

Through my daytime job I have had the fortune of doing a study on user behaviour and how they use various types of media.

When we study how people are using the new media and internet we divide the users into three main groups: Immigrants, Advanced immigrants and Digital natives. The last group consists of those that have never experienced a life without mobile phones, mp3 players and the internet. Generally these are the people born after 1985 - the generation who are finishing their education, leaving universities and starting families just about now. 

The Advanced Immigrants are those of us young enough or fortunate enough to have the internet introduced at a young age and/or through a professional career and has learned to use and utilise the internet in various ways. 

What differentiates the traditional consumers and the digital natives in a profound way is how they treat information they find interesting. While the natural instinct for you and me would be to make a copy, print out or store anything we find valuable the digital natives shares it! This is also the reason why they find information in a different way than regular consumers. They search the net and trust their friend's recommendations when choosing a product or a service.

In effect, if you want to connect to a digital native you not only need to be visible on the internet, you also have to do as the digital natives do: Share what you think is important and valuable.

This is one of the reasons why we currently are videotaping interviews with Nick and Helena for publication on the internet via YouTube or Wimeo.

We believe the theoretical framework within Creative Couplework added to the experience both Nick and Helena possess is so meaningful and important that we are spending time and investing in the technical equipment necessary to make their knowledge available to the whole world!

Our own relationship has benefited immensely and we feel obliged to pay this forward so that even more relationships may survive. At least this will increase the likelihood of people taking their own relationship more seriously.

This way, what Nick and Helena has agreed to do will benefit us all!

To watch the videos you can visit our website at or search for Nick Duffell or Helena Løvendal Sørensen on to find the videos directly.

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